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  • Episode 12 – Bono Vs the Orangemen

    This week we check out the Twitter trends about Bon Jovi’s description of Bono being tormented by Orangemen as a kid, Mike Pence versus the Fly, the Irish TD World Cup, and corporate tweets gone wrong! Listen Now

  • Episode 11- Cake is bread!

    We talk shocking Twitter trends such as Subway’s bread being classified as cake in Ireland, Ming Flanagan’s Twitter account hacking/questionable Google searches, Dundalk FC’s European glory, and of course Donald J. Trump ironically contracting COVID 19. Sad!  Listen Now

  • Episode 10 – McFadden v Chambers

    Following Bradley Wiggins claiming Sam Bennet and the outrage on Twitter; we delve into the history and psychology of the Brits claiming successful people from Ireland. We talk about tweets following Stephen Kenny’s first games in charge of the Irish team , Ronaldo, and the dramatic bust up on Twitter between Brian Mc Fadden and our beloved Richard Chambers. #leavechambersalone   Listen Now

  • Episode 9 – The Tik Tok House

    We talk about the TikTok house in Dublin, Ireland’s first match with Stephen Kenny, the Americanisation of the world through twitter, Messi, and one man’s quest to rename boneless chicken wings #SaucyNugs Listen Now

  • Episode 8 – Batman Movie Script

    We have fun with a Twitter bot who enjoys scripting Batman movies and American Presidential debates! We also delve into the happenings of Golfgate on Twitter, Harry Maguires trial, and those Messi transfer rumours. Listen Now

  • Episode 7 – Golf Gate

    We talk #golfgate, the fractured psyche of Fraiser, Sportswashing, and things that you might hate but everyone else seems to love! Like Nandos? Listen Now

  • Episode 6 – Mormons and Trampolines

    We talk Twitter trends and topics such as internet rabbit holes, Mormons and trampolines, the dog whisperer, Batman, Laura Whitmore, cancel culture, and Grimace’s Irish heritage. Safe to say it’s a varied episode to say the least! Listen Now

  • Episode 5 – Semen Protein Supplements

    What’s been happening on Twitter this week? The Brits are at it with the Emmys, Super Junior Ministers, Stupid Sexy Richard Bruton, and taking semen supplements for your workouts! We also talk about the Argos Catalogue, Eid at Croke Park, and how Trumps wants to ban Tic Tok. Listen Now

  • Episode 4 – Local Karens

    This week we talk hot Twitter topics such as the Covid Tracker App, local Karens, and the best fake Jurassic Park Twitter account you didn’t know existed! We also break our own rules and talk a surprising amount of Trump and also discuss a brilliant account that captures weird moments in History. So join us as we talk everything Twitter, whether it’s Irish or Global. Also Sean won’t stop eating popcorn for the whole thing. Listen Now

  • Episode 3 – Premiere League Step Dads

    *Some mic issues throughout* We’re back again to talk about this week’s Twitter trends, both Irish and whatever else made us laugh! This week we chat about Niall Horan stans, John Cleese’s real name, Twitter’s struggles with Irish names, COVID reopening parties, Tesco bags, and Premiere League step-dads. Listen Now