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  • Episode 27 – Delete Facebook

    This week on Twitter! Seán talks about Twitter’s reaction to the death of US conservative media titan Rush Limbaugh. Cormac discusses the #DeleteFacebook trend and what’s been happening in Australia. Fearghal looks at the lighter side of Twitter and asks what’s the worst thing you’ve seen on your morning commute? Listen Now

  • Episode 26 – Weetabix and Beans

    This week on Twitter! Fearghal checks out the viral mess that is beans on Weetabix and are all corporate Twitter accounts in Kahoots? Seán checks out the Zoom disaster that is Cat Lawyer. Plus Cormac runs through Twitter’s reaction to Ireland’s 6 Nations loss to Wales and the French media’s role in concussion conspiracies! Listen Now

  • Episode 25 – Jackie Weaver & Bad Medical Takes

    This week Seán investigates another case of cancel culture involving one of the world’s largest corporations Coca Cola & Innocent Smoothies. Cormac tackles the brilliant viral sensation that is Jackie Weaver and her exploits on the Handfort Parish Council. While Fearghal unveils one of his favourite accounts on Twitter, @BadMedicalTakes. You have to hear some of them to believe them! Listen Now

  • Episode 24 – Bebo is back baby!

    What’s trending on Twitter this week? Cormac takes us back in time and walks us through Bebo’s grand revival! What can you remember about it? Fearghal talks Twitter’s reaction to Gamestop’s stock market crash. Seán takes us through his list of his 5 worst Twitter idiots of the week and what does Bebo have to do with his love of Cowboys and foreseeing a breakup?? Listen Now

  • Streams Ahead – Wanda Vision

    On the first of our new bonus series titled “Streams Ahead” – We chat about Marvel’s new hit show; WandaVision! We discuss what we think of the format and what some of those pesky easter eggs could be pointing towards. We also debate what the show could mean for the future of the MCU, how does it compare to the comics, and do we actually think this show will have a happily ever after for Wanda? Where’s a time stone […]

  • Episode 23 – Bernie Memes & QAnon

    This week we ride the glorious wave of Bernie Sanders memes and Seán lists off his top 10 Bernie memes that Twitter produced! He also discusses what the QAnon crowd do now that all of their current conspiracies have evaporated after Joe Biden’s swearing into office. What’s next for them? Cormac chats about an old foe, NoVaxx Djokovic, and his whacky Covid demands. Plus; Fearghal takes us through a viral thread where a woman gets her own back on a […]

  • Episode 22 – Twitter Censorship & Trump

    A podcast all about Twitter! This week Seán asks was Twitter right to ban Trump? If so, what are the long term implications? Cormac talks about trending topics such as the Leaving Cert 2021 and Fearghal checks out a fun thread that asks the question; What’s the dumbest lie you’ve ever told? Listen Now

  • Bonus – Twitter bans Trump, Sad!

    Trump has been banned from Twitter! As a podcast centered around Twitter, we’d be amiss if we didn’t dedicate a bonus episode to this momentous occasion! We break down what actually happened and what it could potentially mean for the platform moving forward. Seán explains exactly why Trump was taken off Twitter and what rules he broke. Cormac announces the arrival of a new Irish force in journalism as a result and Fearghal checks out the reactions to it on […]

  • Episode 21 – Bean Dad and Doxing

    Welcome to season 3 and 2021! Where everything is ok again… right? Sadly we have no Cormac this week but Fearghal and Seán are joined by his animatronic replacement; CORMAC-antosh! This week we talk about the Twitter sensation that is Bean Dad; as well as ‘doxing’ on Twitter and the worrying trend of bigger accounts like Allison Pearson threatening the livelihoods of smaller users on Twitter. Listen Now

  • Bonus – Wee Slim Quiz of the Year

    Grab a pen and paper!! Join us for an end of year wrap up quiz! Our special guest quizmaster dishes out questions about the trending Twitter topics that we covered throughout the year. We answer questions from Twitter trends that include Trump, Kanye West, Paul Mescal, bad Irish accents, and the Miss Hitler beauty contest.  Listen Now