Episode 34 – Prince Battenberg

It was an action packed week on Twitter and the boys had a lot to discuss. #Teachers was trending due to Irish teacher unions wanting to strike over being refused vaccinations, so Seán added some much need nuance to what was a rather polarised debate on Twitter. Seán’s list features responses to Halle Berry’s “Tell me something I don’t know” Tweet. Today’s sudden passing of Prince Philip led to a huge reaction on Twitter to which Cormac takes us through. We also briefly discuss that infamous Arlene Foster Tweet. Finally Fearghal discusses Jordan B Peterson’s dismay at being portrayed as the villain Red Skull in a recent Captain America comic, while Seán questions whether Peterson is actually deserving of this portrayal! 

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Time Stamps

– 1:04:00 –> #Teachers and Teacher Unions Strike

– 48:30 –> Seán’s List – Halle Berry’s “Tell me something I don’t know” best replies

– 41:10 –> Prince Philip’s death

– 27:40 –> The North and Arlene Foster’s Tweet

– 22:50 –> Jordan Peterson Versus Marvel

Show Notes


Seán’s List

Prince Philip

The North

Jordan Peterson Versus Marvel

The Atlantic Article about Peterson’s interview – https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/01/putting-monsterpaint-onjordan-peterson/550859/

The Lobster Interview