Streams Ahead

Occasionally Tweets Ahead run a sub podcast called Streams Ahead; where we review and discuss shows or movies that are streaming on a streaming service near you. Seán takes over as a dynamic host, while Fearghal gets to fulfil his role as head geek and Cormac offers his usual witty, contarian observations.

  • Streams Ahead – Invincible

    We talk about Invincible; the new animated series to hit Amazon Prime. Seán gives a “Beginners Guide to the Invincible Universe” for those who are new to the series and want to know what to expect. We then review the first 3 episodes where we discuss our favourite characters and voice actors and evaluate performances. We also discuss the negatives of the comic book and demonstrate how the animated show can make significant improvements on these. Finally we summarise why […]

  • Streams Ahead – Justice League The Snyder Cut

    This week we discuss the release of the Snyder Cut on streaming services, Snyder Cut fans on Twitter, and was it better than the Whedon cut?  Listen Now

  • Streams Ahead – Wanda Vision

    On the first of our new bonus series titled “Streams Ahead” – We chat about Marvel’s new hit show; WandaVision! We discuss what we think of the format and what some of those pesky easter eggs could be pointing towards. We also debate what the show could mean for the future of the MCU, how does it compare to the comics, and do we actually think this show will have a happily ever after for Wanda? Where’s a time stone […]