• Episode 35 – Colin the Caterpillar

    This week without Fearghal, it’s Cormac and Seán unhinged. Cormac discusses the deal with Minister of Health Simon Donnelly being unhappy with not being mentioned in Department of Health Tweets. Seán talks more Cancel Culture about Teen Vogue. The Marks and Spencer Colin the Caterpillar debacle has had a great reaction on Twitter which the boys discuss and Seán does a list on his favourite account at the moment @fesshole.  Listen Now

  • Episode 34 – Prince Battenberg

    It was an action packed week on Twitter and the boys had a lot to discuss. #Teachers was trending due to Irish teacher unions wanting to strike over being refused vaccinations, so Seán added some much need nuance to what was a rather polarised debate on Twitter. Seán’s list features responses to Halle Berry’s “Tell me something I don’t know” Tweet. Today’s sudden passing of Prince Philip led to a huge reaction on Twitter to which Cormac takes us through. […]

  • Episode 33 – Twitter: The Movie!

    Séan lists some of the good and bad corporate April Fools Jokes on Twitter this year! We talk Twitter’s reaction to West Brit Regina Doherty remarking about 800 years of travel to “mainland” UK. Fearghal discusses Hollywood’s move to formulate movie scripts from Twitter threads. Cormac reports on Stephen Kenny’s tumultuous week and RTE sports extremely disrespectful tweet about the Ireland manager!    Listen Now:

  • Streams Ahead – Invincible

    We talk about Invincible; the new animated series to hit Amazon Prime. Seán gives a “Beginners Guide to the Invincible Universe” for those who are new to the series and want to know what to expect. We then review the first 3 episodes where we discuss our favourite characters and voice actors and evaluate performances. We also discuss the negatives of the comic book and demonstrate how the animated show can make significant improvements on these. Finally we summarise why […]

  • Episode 32 – Cash Injections

    The biggest trend on Irish Twitter this week was without question the controversy surrounding the Beacon private clinic in Dublin and it’s questionable distribution of vaccines to a linked private school. We also briefly chat about Chrissy Teigen leaving Twitter, Twitters birthday, and a light hearted trend titled #SpermDonorMovies Listen Now:

  • Streams Ahead – Justice League The Snyder Cut

    This week we discuss the release of the Snyder Cut on streaming services, Snyder Cut fans on Twitter, and was it better than the Whedon cut?  Listen Now

  • Episode 31 – St.Patrick the Druid Killer

    The lads start without Cormac, chatting about the anti-lockdown protests in Dublin this week. Then Cormac bursts onto the scene Stone Cold Steve Austin style and we chat about things you would only find in Ireland, courtesy of Dara O’Briain’s Twitter. Then the boys critique a very unusual Tik Tok video which claims St. Patrick murdered hundreds of Celtic druids, who were educated by none other than Mary Magdalene herself!  Listen Now

  • Episode 30 – When Harry met Meghan … and Oprah!

    This week the lads discuss the cultural event that was Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah and Twitter’s reaction to it. We also have fun over Piers Morgan’s storm out of his breakfast show and revisit that story in NUIG,  where students are being disciplined by the college for sharing a meme on Twitter!  Listen Now

  • Episode 29 – Good God, Lemon

    This week on Twitter; the Alec Baldwin, the Catholic Church adoption scandal, and live streaming car chases down the M50 motorway… because that’s where we are now as a society! We also spend way too much time talking about celebrities picking up unusual accents… Listen Now

  • Episode 28 – Student Union Sinners

    In this weeks episode Seán talks about religious fundamentalists in Student Union Politics and NUIG trying to control individual students’ personal Twitter pages! (#freecian) Cormac chats about Twitter’s reaction to the Tiger Woods car crash while Fearghal criticises Twitter’s new “Super Follow” feature, which seems like a failed business strategy from the get go! Listen Now