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  • 41 – Project Z – 7th August 2021

    We’re back to chat about the biggest trends on Irish Twitter this week! There has been uproar online about a government endorsed ‘Project X’ style party that broke all sorts of health guidelines and there’s been serious fallout as a result! We also check out the #FreeLuas trend and the world of sports was tweeting all about Leo Messi and how his time is finally up at Barcalona. Listen Now: Show Notes

  • 40 – Crafty Wank! – 17th July 2021

    This week we discuss one of the dodgier sounding recent trends on Twitter; We discuss the Crafty Wank thread! A thread where a conservative commentator threatens legal action against an anonymous account online. We also chat about the HSE using dating apps like Tinder to encourage vaccines in the young folks! Oh yeah, Stephen Donnelly makes a tit of himself again as usual… Listen Now: Show Notes:

  • 39 – Scuba Action Batman – June 25th 2021

    This week Seán talks about the #Carlowteachers controversy and how a false toxic story about Presentation College went viral on Twitter; damaging the reputation of the school thanks to a few Irish journalists and virtue signalling politicians. Cormac discusses UEFA’s terrible PR with regards lighting the Munich Stadium up in Pride colours while Fearghal talks about Batman’s potential sexual prowess and the reaction it got on Twitter! Listen Now: Show Notes:

  • 38 – Deirdre Conroy’s Linen Cupboard – 12th June 2021

    We’re back! We’re also live, in person, like regular people! This week we chat about Deirdre Conroy’s disastrous by-election campaign in South Dublin and Twitter’s unforgiving reaction! Also, Seán’s Conspiracy Corner and Twitter’s reaction to the Euros 2020 opening ceremony!  Listen Now: Show Notes:

  • Bonus – The Best of Seán’s Lists

    No new episode this week but how about the best of Seán’s Lists? We showcase 4 of his best, including: The worst Product Updates ever, the worst corporate April Fools day this year, the most horrible things Prince Philip has ever said in public, and Seán’s “Ham Children” of the week!  Listen Now:

  • 37 – Gal Gadot Vs Palestine – 14th May 2021

    Seån talks about Twitter’s reaction to the escalating violence in the Israel – Palestine conflict and then tears in to that Gal Gadot Tweet, her Israeli bias and her awful history of performative activism. He then discuss Irelands affiliation to the Palestine struggle and how Irish Twitter reacted to the Irish governments response. Cormac introduces us to the new DUP leader Edwin Poots through the eyes of Twitter and how a creationist has finally come into power. Meanwhile Fearghal looks […]

  • Ep – 36 – Barbara J Pym – 7th May 2021

    This week we dissect Twitter’s sock puppet account of the century; Barbara J Pym! Seán provides background to the man behind the sock puppet account Eoghan Harris, explains what “sock puppetry” is and how Eoghan Harris was uncovered. He then outlines the weirdness of the account, along with the other suspected sock puppet accounts and details the fallout that took place on Twitter this week from the columnist’s sacking from the Irish Independent. Fearghal discusses a weird TV show endings […]

  • Interview – The Beacon on the Far Right in Ireland – 30th April 2021

    In this episode we speak to Bryan Wall, founder of, a website that reports on the Far Right in Ireland. We get the Beacon’s opinions about the rise of the Far Right in Ireland, how the Far Right is synonymous with conspiracy theories, how social media plays a detrimental part in spreading Far Right ideology and why the Far Right is a threat to be taken seriously in Ireland. For people who do not know much about the Far Right […]

  • Interview – Not the RTE News – 23rd April 21

    This week we get to chat to the man behind one of our favourite Irish parody accounts on Twitter; Not the RTE News (@NotTheRTENews)! We talk about what it takes to run a popular satire account online, being an Irish comedian on Twitter, what happens when people believe your satire account is real, and how the RTE & others have responded to the account and more!!! Not the RTE News KoFi account: Listen Now Show Notes – Some of […]

  • Bonus – European Super Friends

    12 of the richest football clubs in Europe are threatening to break away from their domestic leagues and form their own super group – The European Super League! This trend has taken over sports Twitter so much it’s forced Fearghal, Sean, & Cormac to record a special bonus episode! Also, featuring local Twitch streamer and die hard Liverpool supporter (also a Sean) @ElLocoJalapeno! What was our’s and Twitter’s reaction to this mess? Has football changed forever? Listen Now: