About Us

An Irish podcast where we discuss our favourite Tweets and Trends from the week. Whether they’re social, political, or from the world of the sports; we love the unpredictable mess that is Twitter. 

Meet the lads


Fearghal is the host of the podcast and has the tremendously difficult task of managing the “talent” of the podcast – Cormac and Seán. His witty quips keeps the conversation on track and he enjoys reporting on the fun, lighter side of Twitter. Fearghal is the biggest geek on the podcast and will often keep listeners informed on the latest entertainment and movie news on Twitter. Seán’s mum recently described Fearghal’s voice as being “easy on the ears,” in return he said, quote: “I’m pretty happy with that!”


Cormac is often described as the MVP of the podcast. His finger is always on the pulse of Irish Twitter and he is always in the know about the latest events in the Twitterverse. Cormac often covers political and sporting topics but has an uncanny knack of finding the most insane Tweets and stories to divulge with his co-hosts. To top this all off he will keep you up to date with his latest spending habits and more importantly, Cormac has the dirtiest laugh in all of podcasting history!


Seán is fascinated by the social phenomena that is Twitter. He is particularly engrossed by people’s odd behaviour on the platform. If you want to know about crazy conspiracy theories, cancel culture, doxing and other weird goings on in the Twittersphere; Séan is your man. He is a diligent researcher who often composes “Seán’s List,” a regular feature that compiles Twitters most interesting moments. Séan is also obsessed with Christopher Hitchens, whom he consistently refers to on the podcast and freely admits to dressing up as a cowboy.