37 – Gal Gadot Vs Palestine – 14th May 2021

Seån talks about Twitter’s reaction to the escalating violence in the Israel – Palestine conflict and then tears in to that Gal Gadot Tweet, her Israeli bias and her awful history of performative activism. He then discuss Irelands affiliation to the Palestine struggle and how Irish Twitter reacted to the Irish governments response. Cormac introduces us to the new DUP leader Edwin Poots through the eyes of Twitter and how a creationist has finally come into power. Meanwhile Fearghal looks at a bizarre Twitter story in Romania, where Dracula’s castle is being used to encourage an uptake in Covid Vaccinations. 

#Freepalestine #OccupiedTerritoriesBill #BoycottIsrael #Galgodotisatool 

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Show Notes

Jerusalem Day

Gal Gadot’s Tweet

Osman Khalid Butt reaction

Ted Cruz Endorsement

Death on the Nile backlash

Galdot’s history of pro IDF tweets

Simon Covney Criticism

Frances Black’s call for Occupied Territories Bill

Richard Boyd Barrett gone viral in Gazza

Romanian Vaccines

James Felton dad joke about Dracula’s vaccines

Edwin’s Poots DUP leadership